Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I choose pavers?
A: The best reason to use pavers is for their superior durability. Pavers (unlike concrete) will never crack, and they will last a lifetime (If you've ever been to Europe, you'll know what we're talking about). Another reason that people choose pavers over concrete is the charm and beauty pavers possess. There are endless color, style and designs to choose from.

Q: Is there an average square footage price?
A: No. All projects have variables, such as the amount of square footage, the accessibility to the site, the amount of cutting needed, and the paver choice.

Q: Can I put pavers over my concrete?
A: In some cases an "overlay" is possible. It is truly a case by case basis though, and our design expert will gladly help you make the right decision.

Q: Should I seal my pavers?
A: Sealant will keep your pavers looking new long after installation. If you have older pavers, a clean and seal will restore them to their original look!

Q: What is polymeric sand?
A: Polymeric sand is swept into the cracks then moistened to make it harden (like an outdoor grout). Once the polymeric sand is installed,it will keep any grass or plant from seeding in the cracks of the pavers. On pool decks, polymeric sand will also keep you from tracking loose sand into your pool or into your house.

Q: Will grass grow up thru my pavers after installation?
A: Grass will never grow up through the sub base and the pavers. You can however get airborne growth in the cracks, but a simple spray product such as Weed-B-Gone will eliminate that issue. The best solution is to use polymeric sand at the time of installation.

Q: What is pave-edge? A: Pave-edge is a plastic or metal edge that holds the borders in place by anchoring into the soil with spikes. It is recommended because you may landscape right up to the pavers with it.

Q: How soon after my pavers have been installed can I walk/drive on them?
A: Immediately! You can use and enjoy your paver project as soon as the job is finished!

Q: Is there any maintenance needed with pavers?
A: If your paver installation did not use polymeric sand, then you will need to sweep sand into the cracks once every 5 years or so.

Q: What if I stain my pavers?
A: If you accidentally stain your pavers, you simply pull up the stained paver and replace it. We always leave some pavers on site after an installation. As always, we are happy to come replace the stained paver for you.

Q: What is pervious pavement?
A: Pervious pavement is an environmentally friendly paving system that filters the water as it drains back into the water table.

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