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Most of us enjoy and appreciate trees, but very few of us realize that, while trees will survive on their own, they will positively thrive with the proper maintenance and care. With your property in our hands, you can be assured that your trees will be well maintained.

Blending a harmony between your architecture and the nature surrounding your home is what Houston Landscape Images is all about. For over 18 years, we've been providing tree services to clients in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Let our seasoned professionals and plant healthcare specialists bring their knowledge, experience and skills to your landscaping space by using techniques that will optimize the beauty and value of your property.

We service residential and commercial, municipal, government and institutional properties. Our approach to the quality of service we provide is simple: we take care of your trees like they were our own. Our tree trimming department will take the time to carefully trim each of your trees, we will shape and balance the tree to promote good healthy growth. Dead, dying and dieased branches are removed first, then thinning and shaping completes the tree. Any hazardous branches are removed promptly.

Tree Service At Its Very Best!

We offer: • Tree Pruning • Tree Removal • Plant Health Care • Integrated Pest Management• Stump Grinding • Land Clearing • Cabling / Bracing• Deep Root Fertilizing • Tree Spraying • Soil Injections for Pest Control We service residential and commercial, municipal, government and institutional properties.

Tree Facts

When a tree is planted, it takes years to recover from the stress. Roots must become adjusted to the new site and establish the ability to obtain nutrients from the soil. Depending on the size of the tree, it may take up to seven years before it grows. A rough rule of thumb is "for each inch of trunk diameter, allow one year for the tree roots to establish.".


Trees require pruning to preserve their health, appearance and to prevent damage to human life and property. Dead, diseased and broken branches are pruned to prevent pathogenic organisms from penetrating adjacent parts of the tree. Pruning is an effective control measure for black knot, fire blight, several twig blights, some cankers and dwarf mistletoe.

We remove live branches to allow penetration of sun and proper circulation of air through the canopy. Such preventive treatment makes the tree a less favorable site for powdery mildew and favors formation of flower buds.

Proper pruning can prevent breakage by reducing wind resistance and by increasing the structural stability of the tree. We target branches that form an acute angle of attachment because they are prone to breakage.

Pruning can be used to:.

1. Maintain or restore the desired, characteristic crown form.
2. Maintain normally large shade or ornamental trees within reasonable boundaries of small properties.
3. Produce unusual shapes of the tree crown.


Broken, split and dead branches must be removed to eliminate constant hazard to property and human life. Low branches in the area of pedestrian and vehicular traffic should be removed to a height of 12'. It is also very important to remove branches which obscure clear vision of warning signs and traffic.


Stump grinding removes stumps below grade level with out disturbing adjacent features. Our smaller, self propelled machine can be walked through the 3' gate of your back yard and is ideal for soft or steep lawns. The large machine in our fleet is a tow-behind, used to pulverize the biggest and toughest of hardwood stumps. Another application of stump grinders is surface root pruning which can prevent roots from uplifting driveways, sidewalks and foundations.

If you need tree services, please give us a call at 832-545-9435 and we can assure you that we will treat your trees like they were ours. You can also fill out our online request for an appointment. We service the entire Houston metropolitan area as well as San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. Become our Facebook Fan or share this page with your facebook friends. Share

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