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We say that our work has style, distinction and beauty. Now hear what our clients are saying about us.

When my wife and I began looking for someone to build our patio structure and flooring, we really did not know who to trust. We had several companies come by and provide estimates and we never felt comfortable with any of the companies until we found Houston Landscape Images. Sanson Faltine was extremely attentive and understood our requirements and helped us design the patio and landscaping to meet our needs. My wife and I knew right away we found the right company (unfortunately we wasted several hours before we found Houston Landscape Images as we had received bids from 9 different companies). From the start, Sanson was honest and trustworthy about everything. He was also extremely creative and his company could do almost anything we asked. In fact, we came up with a hybrid design of the patio structure (see http://www.houstonlandscapedesigns.com/photo/albums/castaneda-residence-legends). I had never seen one like this, but I ran it by Sanson and he said, "No problem." I use the word, "hybrid" as I wanted part of the structure to be fully covered and I wanted the other part to be a pergola. I also asked that the fully enclosed part to look like a pergola. He never hesitated, he just did it. I remember describing it over the phone to him and he later sent me a CAD drawing of what I was requesting. Every little detail was included including optionals like benches, pavestone lighting, etc. It was perfect and within budget! I couldn't believe it. He made a custom patio for me and was within our budget. So once we approved the design, Sanson and his crew began working. I'll never forget the first few days of the build...It rained like crazy and my whole yard flooded (we also had a drainage issue which HLI eventually fixed in phase II). It never stopped HLI. They kept working and managed to complete the job on time. I still remember getting home that day with my wife when the project was near completion. We couldn't believe our eyes. The project looked great. I'm being honest when I say it exceeded our expectations. To top it off, HLI wouldn't leave until every last detail was fixed. They even replaced some of my grass that had been damaged during the build. I never expected that from HLI, but Sanson informed me that his intention is to make sure the area surrounding the build looks just as it did before the build. Typically on any job I have had done, I always notice the little minor details which weren't addressed by the builder. It's been almost 9 months and I still haven't found any little details that need to be fixed. They addressed everything. In fact, they did such a great job we had them back less than 6 months later to extend our patio (needed a small area for my Weber Grill), add additional landscaping and fix and extend the French drain the builder put in for me. HLI would not leave until the water was flowing perfectly. They were there making minor modifications to each paver to ensure the water flowed exactly to the French drains. I was so impressed. In fact, sometimes I find myself outside looking at things HLI can do next like build that new lighted waterfall weir. Come on back Sanson! If you are ever looking for a recommendation, please feel free to contact me at. xxx-xxx-xxxx Contact information will be provided upon request.

Rodney Castañeda
Spring, Texas.

Sanson it has been a great experience working with you and your company on this project.....your guys have worked hard, produced "A" work, cleaned up, been friendly, etc..... If you ever need a recommendation or reference, please feel free to send your prospective customers my way.

R. Howard
Houston, Texas

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