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The major purpose and function of the MOSQUITO-PROTM automated insect misting system is the delivery of Pyrethrum within a proscribed area. The composition of the system itself can most simply be compared to the human anatomy in that it is similarly comprised of major elements functioning together towards an overall purpose:

  • Circuit Board serving as the brain
  • Pump and Motor Assembly being the heart
  • Nozzle Network or intravenous system
  • Pyrethrum being the blood

Circuit Board The Circuit Board performs the same function for the MOSQUITO-PROTM system as the brain does for the human body. It is a true computer that is programmed or given instructions by the operator through the control panel with its LCD display and easy to use buttons. By pre-setting instructions into the circuit board, the system can be activated and controlled, told just when to spray and for how long. In this manner the mist cycles are regulated in such a way as to assure thorough spray coverage throughout the perimeter misting area. By means of a level sensor that is placed into the reservoir you will always know exactly how much Pyrethrum is remaining. The LCD display will show, in increments of 25%, at what level the solution is within the 55 gallon container and when it reads empty the system will not mist. The circuit board with its patent pending LCD display is housed in a weatherproof NEMA4 enclosure with a panel door lock to control access. The control panel along with the pump and motor assembly are positioned and affixed onto the lid of the drum although it may be wall mounted if so desired.

Remote Control: Unlike other firms, who feature it as an available option, a remote control is a standard feature on your MOSQUITO-PROTM system. This remote allows you to mist in between scheduled spray times or even turn the system off from inside the house up to 3,000 feet away from the system.

Pump & Motor Assembly
Acting as the heart of the MOSQUITO-PROTM system is the pump and motor assembly which is mounted on the top of the reservoir along with the circuit board which controls it. Pre-set orders are issued from the circuit board to the assembly instructing it what day and time of day to spray as well as the duration of each mist cycle. Thereby, acting in the manner of a heart, it will pump Pyrethrum throughout the network of nylon tubing to all of the nozzles within the spray zone. The standard pump and motor assembly includes a ½ horsepower motor which is more than sufficient to run the 140 gallon per hour pump. When engaged, the pump easily maintains a steady pressure of between 160 and 200 psi to effectively distribute the Pyrethrum throughout the spray zone.

Nozzle Network The MOSQUITO-PROTM system utilizes a nozzle network which acts much in the manner of the human intravenous system. It is essentially a network of nylon tubing that encircles the spray zone where it delivers Pyrethrum to the nozzles which are specially designed, aesthetically pleasing and quite inconspicuous. Each of the nozzles is installed approximately 8 to 15 feet apart and is positioned where they will simultaneously spray a fine mist of Pyrethrum several feet into the area in which they are directed. The nozzles themselves are usually made of nickel plated brass with either stainless steel or brass misting tips. Depending upon the overall design of the perimeter spray zone, the nozzles will be affixed in the most effective combination to the fencing, trees and eaves of the house or as risers within the landscaping. The tubing itself is fastened in such a manner as to not be readily seen and it is available in black, white or natural which may be painted to match the décor of the home. Where necessary, it is buried in the ground within a protective conduit so that it is not easily seen or damaged.

Pyrethrum As the sole purpose of the MOSQUITO-PROTM insect misting system is the controlled delivery of Pyrethrum to an overall area, we may consider that substance to be much like the blood of the human body. Please click where indicated to learn more about Pyrethrum.

In Addition . . . Weather Sensors – You may also add a rain sensor or a rain, wind & freeze sensor which will temporarily deactivate the system at such times when the outside weather conditions would make it ineffective.

When our MOSQUITO-PROTM representative visits your home for the purpose of preparing a price quote, a design and system layout customized for your yard will be prepared. Our installation team of highly trained and experienced technicians will use this plan when they come to your home and they will know just where to install the specially designed nozzles. They will be placed strategically in accordance with the overall plan in the best combination and location to control mosquitoes within the spray zone. This may be on the eaves of the house, around the fence line, on trees, or in the landscaping itself. The reservoir with the circuit board controller and motor and pump assembly will be located in an area of your yard, usually next to the air-conditioning unit or pool equipment, where it will be inconspicuous and will blend into the landscape. The MOSQUITO-PROTM system can surely fit your needs and will be customized to your outdoor environment.

We know that you are purchasing a MOSQUITO-PROTM system in order to enjoy your outdoor home environment without having to worry about mosquitoes and other insects. This is its purpose and reason for being. Once it has been installed and programmed, the system is worry-free and requires very little attention on your part other than to refill the Pyrethrum. When this becomes necessary, as indicated on the LCD readout of the system circuit board, you need only call your MOSQUITO-PROTM rep and a technician will bring your refill and make a routine inspection of the nozzle network to make sure there are no leaks and it is misting properly. For those who wish to handle the refills themselves, the Pyrethrum is available on a do-it-yourself basis. Please remember that your rep is just a telephone call away.


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