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Houston Landscape Images specializes in free form design of interlocking Pavers. We offer many different sizes, shapes, colors, blends and textures; imagination is the only limit. (Click here to see inspirational ideas from Belgard)

We are an Authorized and Certified Contractor for Belgard Hardscapes
, and also certified by ICPI (INTERLOCKING CONCRETE PAVEMENT INSTITUTE) the governing body of the paver industry. They provide the guidelines by which all pavers should be installed for maximum efficiency. Our installers have been certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, That means the institute has educated them on the proper installation techniques for brick pavers, so you can get the most out of your hardscape project. Our firm strictly adheres to the standards set forth by the ICPI. Belgard is the manufacturer of the concrete paver brick and block products that we install. We have been using their products for years and have found them to be superior in strength and durability, color and consistency. Belgard (needless to say) is the authority on the manufacturing of hardscaping products, but the success of their products depend on the installation. Again, we say “Installation”. Once we have helped you choose the layout, style and colors of your driveway, patio, walkway or wall system, hands down the most important part of the project is how it is installed! If you do your homework, you will find that Belgard is very specific about the process in which their products are installed. They have pioneered a process where, when followed step by step, your hardscaping project will last year after year, even exceeding the life span of traditionally poured concrete. (click here to see a guide on designing your new patio)

Waterfalls are an amazing paver patio accents

We also install the first lighted waterfall weir specifically designed for use in water features. A perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pondless applications, we can install it to your new or existing patio or landscape and add a breathtaking new dimension to your yard - waterfalls with shimmering details in white or blue hues. You'll be able to enjoy the beauty of your water feature day or night.

Click here to see the entire Belgard Paver Collection

Paver driveways are an elegant and durable way to add value to your home. Brick paving distinguishes your driveway from the rest of the homes on your block and adds a touch of class that is visible from the street. Pavers won't heat up like asphalt or crack like concrete. Click here for frequently asked questions or click here for a material comparison guide

We take pride in the fact that when we install your project, we do not stray from this process. Unfortunately, we need to be aware that not all contractors use this process, even though they are using the same products. Like any type of construction, there are many ways to cut corners and increase profits on a job that was awarded for it’s “terrific price” or the “great deal.” We have found over and over again that the area where another company’s project has failed is in the base preparation. A poor base preparation usually does not have an immediate effect on the finished look of the project (unless a contractor is extremely inexperienced) so it looks great at the time of completion, right? After a period of time, settlement is noticed in high traffic areas or water begins to puddle after a hard rain. Brick shifting may occur and gaps form between bricks. This is completely unacceptable. To read more about things to avoid click on the following link: Contractor Qualifications, and Consumer Guide.

Segmental Retaining Wall What are SRWs? Segmental Retaining Walls (SRWs) are gravity dry-stacked, mortarless walls made of 100%, low-absorption, high-strength concrete units that rely primarily on their mass (weight) for stability and mechanical interlock to prevent overturning and sliding. The units may also be used in combination with horizontal layers of soil reinforcement which extend into the backfill to increase the effective width and weight of the gravity mass.

SRWs are more economical and easier to install than poured-in-place concrete or traditional masonry walls. Their rugged, rock-solid durability enables them to outlast railroad ties and timbers while remaining environmentally safe. SRWs are typically used by commercial entities, homeowners and governmental agencies.

Belgard retaining wall systems meet the needs of homeowners, contractors and landscape architects by providing a wide range of features. Click here for Belgard Online Catalog

When it's time to make a choice, count on the beauty and practicality of pavers and walls. Achieve a look that will maintain its distinctive elegance for years to come.
A landscape design created with non-toxic materials guaranteed for life and free of any hazard to their health... a great way to ensure a fun, safe and happy lifestyle.

Interlocking Paver Lights

Add beauty, safety & value to your home by providing outdoor landscape enhancement products. Why spend thousands of dollars on landscaping and then see it only during daylight. Adding outdoor landscape lighting enhance and improve the value of your home

We are introducing the newest way to enhance old and new interlock pavers on the driveway, walkway, pool, or patio. The "Paver Light" was introduced in 1994 and since then has proven its durability time and time again in the harshest Canadian climates to the hottest southern US climates. Their very sturdy plastic construction can be walked on and driven on. Paver Lights are a safe, economical 12 volt system that can be applied to residential and commercial applications in new or existing interlock installations.

If you are planning to install a paver patio, sidewalk or driveway, give us a call. We can assure you that we will be committed to the creation of a unique, long lasting, outdoor living area for your home! Give us a call today at 832-545-9435 or fill out our online request for an appointment. We service the entire Houston metropolitan area as well as San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. Become our Facebook Fan or share this page with your facebook friends. Share

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