Irrigation Equipment - Rain Sensor and Weather Station

RSD Series Rain Sensor

Primary Applications:

Easy to install, durable and visually pleasing rain sensor device suitable for 24VAC residential and commercial applications. This high quality product saves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions.

Features and Benefits:

Multiple rainfall settings from 1/8" to 3/4" (5-20mm) are quick and easy with just twist of a dial Adjustable vent ring helps control drying time High-grade, UV-resistant polymer body resists the elements Available in rugged aluminum bracket version (RSD-BEx comes with 5" aluminum bracket) or conduit version (RSD-CEx) for a clean and professional look 25 feet (7,6 m) of UV resistant extension wire offers an easy connection to irrigation controllers Works with all popular 24VAC controllers UL and cUL Listed; CE and C-Tick approved 5-year "No Hassle" warranty precipitation and keeping irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions.

Rain Bird® ET Manager™ is The New Standard in Weather-Smart Irrigation.

Although over-watering has always been something homeowners, public water agencies, property managers and landscapers tried to avoid, increasing water scarcity has brought this problem into the spotlight. No matter how efficient an irrigation controller’s watering schedule is, however, it must take into account constantly changing weather conditions – specifically evapotranspiration (ET) and rainfall.

ET is the amount of water lost from the soil through evaporation plus the plant’s water loss (known as transpiration), both of which are dramatically affected by weather conditions. Rain Bird ET Manager™ uses current weather information and ET to water your landscape only when it needs it. Since precise landscape water management is key to avoiding over-watering, the ET Manager can be an effective tool.

This simple, powerful irrigation management solution works with virtually any controller, converting a conventional irrigation system into a weather-smart one that adjusts itself according to accurate real-time weather data. The ET Manager helps to maintain the optimum moisture balance in your soil. As the weather changes, your ET Manager receives updates automatically every hour and only allows your controller to water when needed. The result: significant water savings, deeper root systems, and a healthier landscape. Whether you are a water agency, contractor, specifier, or homeowner, the ET Manager is the smart choice.

Why Install the ET Manager?

Unsurpassed Accuracy

The ET Manager is the most accurate product of its kind, featuring hourly (not just daily) wireless updates from local precision weather stations. ET Manager technology is based on the Irrigation Association endorsed, ASCE*-standardized ET equation, and includes data from all required climatic variables (solar radiation, temperature, wind, and humidity). An optional onsite rain gauge can further localize the weather data accuracy. With the ET Manager, your irrigation system will always be in tune with the weather.

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