Landsccape Design Services

Houston Landscape Images also provide landscape design services.

Our designs are available for any size area or any level of detail you desire. Our goal is to provide you with a well thought-out, detailed landscape plan that meets your specifications and reflects your personality. To accomplish this, we feel it is important to know what you are trying to achieve with your upcoming project. Therefore, the first step is our landscape design questionaire, please print it, fill it out and have ready along with a copy of your property survey at time of the initial consultation. The information gathered in the questionnaire will assist us in the creation of a perfect landscape design for you. If a question does not apply or you have no opinion, please leave blank. We are one of the few landscape companies dedicated enough to offer a questionnaire and we appreciate your cooperation.

The second step is setting up a consulation with one of our designers, most consultations take one hour or less.

Next, we will visit the site, the site visit lets us get to know you further and see the property firsthand. At this time we ask that you provide the designer with a copy of your current survey (plot plan). We will then proceed to do a visual survey of the property and its surroundings to determine good features and problem areas needing attention. Measurements of the house and site are recorded and photos are also taken during the initial visit. All of this information is taken back to the office and a colorful, computerized drawing of your property is prepared. Your design is an extensive plan which includes the following information.

* Labeled plants, plant summary and plant information sheet with pictures.
* Hardscape features and specifications.
* Recommendations for installation.
* Recommendations for care and maintenance.

Once completed, we schedule a visit with you to review the design.
Just as important as the design is the plan for implementing the design. At the final presentation of your design we will present you with an estimate for installation of the plan. If necessary, installation estimates can be prepared for different sections or phases.

Design Cost and Fees

Designs are billed at a pre set hourly rate. The final fee is dependent on the area designed and the level of detail desired. Part or all of the design fee may be rebated from your landscape installation cost when the plan is installed by Houston Landscape Images. Your project may qualify for 100% design fee rebate. Ask your designer for details.

If you are planning a landscape project, large or small, give us a call. We can assure you that we will be committed to the creation of a unique, long lasting, outdoor living area for your home! Give us a call today at 281-340-9206 or fill out our online request for an appointment. We service the entire Houston metropolitan area as well as San Antonio, Austin and Dallas. Become our Facebook Fan or share this page with your facebook friends. Share

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